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Opportunities and challenges of elevator and escalator technology development in Urban Renewal

The vertical-horizontal movement of people and goods within and between buildings calls for intelligent and interconnected building transport systems and technology. Elevators and escalators work as the main modes of transport within buildings, and digitalisation is set to drive the technological change that will improve upon these important components of modern buildings. New technologies like cloud computing and IoT has enabled the realisation of new concepts such as smart elevators, safety and maintenance visualisation and remote monitoring into practice, among other areas. The connection between elevators and building spaces, facilities and power sources is getting closer, with increasing amount of positive interaction. To empower intelligent building and realise smart transportation, smart elevator technologies must be further developed while synchronising and integrating with the smart city process at the same time. 

As the global urbanization process is still advancing, a series of challenges in urban development calls for smart city systems to improve decision-making levels and refine management efficiency. Urban renewal in China is an important strategy to strengthen urban infrastructure construction and to build a livable and smart city, as well as an essential carrier of Chinese modernization. The 14th Five-Year Plan outlines the implementation of urban renewal. Many cities have formulated urban renewal implementation plans, and various regions have set quantitative indicators. 

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