Themes and Events

Themes and topics of 2023 

Program (I)  - Vertical Transportation and Renewal of Existing Buildings

  • European Elevator and Building Technology
  • Architecture and Elevator Design in Urban Renewal
  • Elevator Upgrading and Renovation Enhances User Experience
  • The Application of Digital Elevators in Smart Buildings
  • Elevator Operation and Maintenance Management with Digital Solutions
  • Digital Solutions for Escalator Safety
  • Panel Discussion - Development Prospects of Building Operation and Management

Program (II)  - Green Building & Urban Sustainable Development

  • Green Building Development Path in The Future
  • Vertical Transportation Technology Innovation Helps Development of Sustainable Buildings
  • Building Renovation and Urban Renewal
  • Cutting-edge Technology Connecting the Future
  • From Dual Carbon Strategy to Implementation Planning Under Urban Sustainable Development Policy
  • Innovative Solutions for Smart Building Operation and Management
  • FM Empowers the Realization of Dual Carbon Target for Building Facilities